Saturday, February 4, 2012

Double Trouble!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of babysitting for my wonderful friend Sonya, who also happens to be my ex-sister-in-law and the mother to my niece Ciana. Her little baby boy Neal just turned 2 years old, and he came over bright and early to start a full day of fun with Ashlee, Stryder, and I. 


Neal was crazy about Stryder!
I have never seen a little boy as maternal
 and loving to a baby as Neal was to Stryder. 
And Stry absolutely loved Neal!
It was truly a joy getting to watch
 the both of them play and laugh.

But, watching two young children was no walk in the park! Definitely made me realize that I am quite comfortable being a Mommy to only one baby! Changing two diapers, breastfeeding one baby, and making food for the other, keeping them both happy, and making sure they didn't get into anything was definitely tough! How my Momma ever raised 7 children, I will never know! It was a blast though, Stryder loved getting to play with a little kid instead of just his Mom and Dad all the time, which I don't blame him...Neal is a crazy fun little boy! :) It also made Ashlee and I so excited for Stryder to get older! I cannot even begin to explain how anxious I am to hear, "I love you Mommy." from my adorable baby boy. :)

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