Monday, January 16, 2012


Wow. Being a parent seriously gets better every single day.
Today, my son and I woke up at the exact same time. We both blinked our eyes until we could see each other good, and then he gave me the most adorable smile in the world and started rambling away in his sweet baby talk. These moments remind me to be grateful and thankful for my wonderful life, and for getting the chance to call him mine. 

Now to the woes and worries of a mother...

Have you ever had to fold a whole room full of baby clothes? It's such tedious work, let me be the first to tell ya! You wouldn't think tiny little outfits would be much to take care of, but after folding and putting away dressers upon dressers FULL of pants, shirts, shorts, onesies, sleepers, gowns, jackets, bibs and socks - this momma got a little wore out! I think my son could give a celebrity a run for their money on who has the most outfits! It's crazy! And also finding room in my apartment for 2 different swings, a highchair, a glider baby chair, a Bumbo chair, a Jumperoo, a walker, 2 full toy boxes and a big play-pen takes some definite skills!   
Oh yeah, soon enough I will be able to put some videos up on here, so everyone else will get to hear all the "dadas" and "babas" and "byebyes" and "igoods" that my little guy says non-stop to his Daddy and I. :) And a little baby talk makes everything a little sweeter. 

But since he is up from his nap, I will let Stryder sign this blog off.

 hbbn zvb  hhgbvtc  tbtbvn,l,mmmnnb nbbv  c jh
AKA--Have a great day! Love Stryder and his Mommy! 

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  1. those cheeks look familiar!