Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Knowledge of a Newborn.

As of Friday the 13th of this month, Stryder is a whopping 5 months old! Ashlee and I can barely believe our baby boy is getting so big on us this fast! (Wow, I wore out the letter "b" in that sentence!) One amazing gift of parenthood is getting the chance to watch my son's mind grow and expand! Every day, he learns something new and I am right there with him to receive that wide-eyed look of astonishment that says, "Look Mommy! Look what I did!" Speaking of learning things, when Stry learned how to laugh, that sound just melted our hearts. As I type this, Stryder is in the floor cackling at his Daddy and I find myself giggling too. To anyone who is expecting a child or will be one day, the sound of your baby laughing is the happiest sound in the world. You can't help but to laugh along. That's one of the best moments in my family, when Stryder, Ashlee, and I are all giggling until our cheeks hurt! It's just so sweet. 

Silly Little Stryder!

He has seriously learned so much in the past 5 months from figuring out he has hands, to using them to grab and hit things (including his Momma and Daddy!). As well as finding his toes, and trying his hardest to get them in his mouth! He is also able to sit up by himself now, which is bittersweet to us, cause that just means he is a little less dependent to his parents, wait...what am I saying? Being less dependent is a good thing right? Maybe that means I can catch a break here and there! But not for long, cause Stryder is also on the hot pursuit to crawl! He is so determined to finally get moving that I don't think it will be too much longer until I'm blogging about getting chased around my apartment by the most handsome little boy around. :)

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